Can you believe this is a vegan breakfast?

My husband made this for me. He said, “Can you believe this is a vegan breakfast? It looks like a totally normal breakfast!” Ha ha.

What, vegan breakfasts aren’t normal? OK, I guess they aren’t. Unless it’s something like oatmeal or maybe cereal with almond milk and a banana or other fruits. Even so, lots of people put butter in their oatmeal, or they have fruit and dairy-based yogurt, or bread / toast with dairy-based butter and jam.

Anyhow, this breakfast was totally vegan. It’s just egg scrambled, and some home fries that my husband made from fresh potatoes, and beyond breakfast sausage. Plus some spicy tomato salsa.

I included two pictures here, one is of the dish, just as my husband gave it to me, but then I added hemp seeds on top of the scrambled Just egg. I like that the hemp seeds give a little bit more Omega’s and protein. As a bonus, I think they are pretty, too!

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