Friendsgiving with Veganish Benefits!

As a veganish person, I’m doing something ordinary yet spectacular … I am generally choosing vegan or at least “big picture vegan” food for my nutrition, meals, snacks, and deliciousness, but I also don’t sweat the small stuff. Last night we attended a “Thanksgiving for Friends” dinner with about 40 people in one apartment. I... Continue Reading →

$65 for like nothing, I swear!

I just thought it'd be fun to show what I'm going to buy at Walmart tomorrow. I actually am not going to get the Westsoy unsweetened soymilk I wanted to get, which is about $5, because it appears out of stock (so that would have brought the total to about $70). Of course, the melatonin... Continue Reading →

Freezer meals with food I already have

So I am trying to deplete my food hoard, y'all! Yes, I have so many deals in the freezer and in my makeshift pantry (a large Rubbermaid container and a cardboard box along with a kitchen cart and an actual cabinet pantry in my kitchen), but I am overwhelmed and groceries are EXPENSIVE now so... Continue Reading →

Dollar Tree food and struggle

Even though there's rarely vegan recipes, lately I've been enjoying watching Dollar Tree recipes. I don't know why exactly. Perhaps a part of me worries the economy could collapse and we'll need to really watch our budget? Maybe it's the fact I have struggled in the past and had to cook on a strict budget?... Continue Reading →

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