Vegan cake mix variation for Valentine’s cupcakes … applesauce, water, and just egg, instead of my usual can of pumpkin.

My husband enjoyed the “accidentally vegan” Betty Crocker butter pecan cake mix cupcakes that I made with canned pumpkin and chocolate chips (no other ingredients) a couple weeks ago, so I decided to make something like that again. This time, I made a vegan cake mix variation for Valentine’s with applesauce, water, and just egg... Continue Reading →

Aldi skinny everything bagels

I forgot another Aldi find we got the other day, and that's the L'Oven Fresh skinny bagels. I picked up the everything style. On the weekend, I like to make a savory breakfast to take a break from the weekday smoothies. So on Sunday morning, I fried super extra firm tofu slices seasoned with black... Continue Reading →

High protein tortillas from Aldi!

I got these high protein wraps/tortillas from Aldi on Sunday. They are also low-carb (7 net carbs), but I am more interested in the protein content, and there are 12 grams of protein. For dinner tonight, I think I'll make burritos with brown rice, vegetarian refried beans, and these. It helps me make a high... Continue Reading →

Teriyaki with minimal work!

We did a lot of shopping this weekend! The weather was rainy and cold so getting out to a park or something wasn't doable. But we GOTTA get the kid out of the house. He has to go bye-bye on the weekend. We tend to go to places that aren't crowded, like Big Lots, Grocery... Continue Reading →

This article talks about treating obesity as a disease and not as a fault of character ... I'm so glad to see we are making progress here. make so much sense to me. I love that someone, quoted in the article, mentioned that many people are successful in every area of their lives, except for... Continue Reading →

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