Lunch of Champions – Packed with Vegan Protein Sources

Sharing with you my Lunch of Champions – Packed with Vegan Protein Sources.

Last week I had quite a few sedentary and sleep-deprived days, unfortunately. Monday-Wednesday I worked at least 12 hours a day at the computer and didn’t have time to do any exercise at all. I didn’t have enough time to sleep enough hours either.

I did get to do bridge inspection work on Thursday and Friday, but none of it was a lot of exercise. For example, one day I was on a boat, and while we did walk around on the piers, it wasn’t even 1 mile of walking, I’m sure. Another day, we walked on the land piers, but again, probably only 1 mile of walking tops. Certainly not enough exercise to keep me in good shape for preventing diabetes.

It’s a lot of work to try to do enough exercise to stay healthy and prevent diabetes. I try my best to get enough exercise, but I don’t succeed every week.

Prior to being diagnosed with prediabetes, there would be months and months that would go by when I wasn’t exercising enough.

I am now more specifically prioritizing trying to get enough exercise. Ideally, I would succeed at doing that every week, going forward. I do understand that my health is more important than my work, but sometimes my work load is just too much, and I can’t fit it all in.

Anyhow, on Saturday this weekend past week, I’m very happy to report that I was able to go out and get some exercise! I rode my bike to the climbing gym, met up with a climbing buddy, and we climbed for about an hour and a half. Then I used the treadmill for the very first time and ran for about 25 minutes. I also did pull-ups, three sets of four pull ups each and two sets of five pull ups each.

Then I rode my bicycle home, and my husband had this lunch waiting for me. This is a wonderful and nutritious protein-packed vegan meal. It’s right rice, which is a high-protein rice, substitute, a tofu and chickpea curry dish, and a separate tofu and Chinese vegetables dish. Both of the dishes were things that my husband had made previously, and then he microwaved this for me, for when I came home from the climbing gym. I topped it with hemp seeds and roasted salted pumpkin seeds/pepitas.

By the way, for breakfast, prior to leaving for the climbing gym, I didn’t have time to eat much, but I did have an Orgain chocolate protein shake, which is 140 cal and 20 g of protein, and some Triscuits and my vitamins. For my drink with this vegan lunch pictured here, I had another Orgain chocolate protein shake for another 140 cal and 20 g of protein.

After this, my husband and I went to an outdoor dance event, where we danced for more than 90 minutes. So I think we definitely got a nice amount of exercise on our Saturday. That makes me feel like a champion for today. 😊

It doesn’t make up for having a sedentary week, but at least it’s better than nothing!

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