Beyond Steak dish

I did end up using one of my new bags of Beyond Steak today. Actually, I used 2/3 of it since it has 3 servings and only my husband and I were eating it. I just sauteed it with some onion and mushroom, made a gravy out of a half packet of onion soup mix... Continue Reading →

Vegan Walmart finds

We went to Walmart this morning so we could get out of the house. There have been some rough days, a couple of days it was in the single digits temperature-wise (which our area of the US isn't really built to deal with) which resulted in rolling power outages and then a bit of an... Continue Reading →

Vegan whey powder is here!

I got my single serving sachets of California Performance vegan whey protein powder. It is real whey but it is animal-free. A year or so ago, I was trying to explain this to someone who wouldn't hear of it. But it's true! Years ago as part of a genome project, they sequenced a cow's DNA,... Continue Reading →

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