Vegan. 0% plant-based, 100% animal-free DAIRY MILK!

Folks, what do you think of this? Vegan. 0% plant-based, 100% animal-free DAIRY MILK!

I’m saying zero percent plant-based to poke a bit of fun at the people who use “plant-based” as a synonym for the word “vegan.” Hey, the precision dairy milk is 100% NOT- PLANT. Therefore, it’s not even remotely based on plants. Nonetheless, no animals were involved in producing this, so it’s “vegan,” as far as I can tell … “100% animal-exploitation-free.”

Confusing and wonderful!

Of course this isn’t for people who are allergic to milk protein, but other than that, how about it?

Interesting that the article says this product is LACTOSE-FREE.

Could lab-based dairy products one day be cheaper than the ones comes from dairy cows?

Milk, cheese and ice cream without the cow has entered the marketplace – The Washington Post

“Lab-grown meat is coming. But lab-grown dairy has already arrived.”

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