Two Cans of Gardein Soup for Dinner at the Office

Worked late and had two cans of Gardein soup for dinner at the office. It’s the Gardein plant-based be’f & vegetable and the Gardein plant-based chick’n & rice soup.

I like that each of these was very easy to make. The cans came with a pull top so one could open them without even needing a can opener. Just open the can, pour it into a bowl and microwave it.

Nutrition wise, these weren’t too bad. Together the two cans are 420 cal, 7 grams fiber, and 28 g of protein. For 2 cans of soup, that’s about 95% of the recommended maximum daily value for sodium. I imagine they don’t expect that one person will eat two cans of soup for their dinner, though! It wasn’t quite what I intended, but since the soups were there, and I was hungry, it worked for me.

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