Veggie or Vegan Breakfast Sausage at Good Day Cafe in Vallejo California USA

Hearty veganish breakfast with coworkers. Pleasantly surprised to see that they had veggie or vegan (not sure which) breakfast sausage (meatless) available at Good Day Cafe in Vallejo California USA. Right on!

At this restaurant, each mug is printed with a different pithy message on the back. Mine was “I have it all together. I just can’t find it.”

Truer words have never been said! 😆

Mostly vegan breakfast with meatless sausage and egg-free, cheese-free “garden omelette” (potatoes instead of eggs and cheese) at Good Day Cafe in Vallejo California USA.

For breakfast, I ordered the garden omelette with potatoes instead of egg and cheese, so it was potatoes with spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and zucchini, and they had veggie sausages so I ordered those for protein. The breakfast came with toast, biscuits or cornbread … love cornbread so that’s what I chose! Yum!

I call this veganish or big picture vegan (BPV) because I avoided the big animal-based components that breakfasts commonly have … meat, cheese, eggs … without worrying about the less visible, minor stuff (example: cornbread is mostly wheat and corn, but could contain lard, egg, dairy milk, etc, as less obvious ingredients).

This was such a good and hearty breakfast, I hope they add this as a regular menu item.

In the mug: jasmine tea.

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