The Gyro King has vegan / veganish options near San Francisco City Hall

For anyone looking for a casual, quick bite to eat near San Francisco City Hall, the Gyro King – Mediterranean Food to Go – has vegan / veganish options.

In addition to takeout, they do have casual dine-in seating and a small outdoor eating option, too. I was very surprised to see that they had a “Vegan Wrap & Plate Options” section of the menu. See photo below.

My husband was hungry, but I wasn’t really, so I didn’t order the vegan falafel wrap or vegan falafel plate. Would like to try those another time when I’m bringing more of an appetite. Instead I ordered their spinach bread which the person at the register said was just bread and spinach, no cheese.

The spinach pastry bread was pillowy soft and even came with a bonus …. a small salad. The “spinach pastry” actually tasted kind of cheesy, even though the person said it didn’t have cheese. I don’t know, but whatever it was, it was really good! If you need a bite near San Francisco City Hall, check out the Gyro King.

By the way, I’m not allergic to dairy products or lactose-intolerant. Therefore, if there was some kind of dairy product in here, it’s not harmful to me. With regards to the animals, yes, of course, I do care, and that’s why I avoid animal products like fish, chicken meat, chicken eggs, shrimp, pork, turkey, beef, dairy products as my normal thing.

Because I’m already doing that, which is more than enough to put all of those animal food industries out of business (if everyone else were doing what I’m doing), I don’t worry about it one bit if some random animal product is in my food sometimes. For me, it’s a pretty easy and wonderful way to live. ❤️

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