“VEGAN” shoes at Sketchers in San Francisco California USA

Not sure if you can see it in the photo, but Sketchers has taken to putting bright green VEGAN labels on what I believe were previously “accidentally vegan” shoes! Yup. Here they are. “VEGAN” shoes at Sketchers in San Francisco California USA.

Sketchers brand shoes with the vegan 🌱 label.

That’s an interesting marketing move, given the market research showing that the word “vegan” was viewed negatively on food products. I hope it works out well for them. I like the new labels. 💕

Personally, I like the word vegan more than “plant-based” if sometime is trying to convey the message that something is 100% totally free of animal products. That’s because “plant-based” is kind of like “veganish” … I like both words, and I especially like the word “veganish,” obviously. 😊However, for clarity of meaning, if the idea is to convey that something is 100% free of animal products, I prefer the word “VEGAN” like what they used on the boxes of Sketchers brand shoes.

That’s because “veganish” and “plant-based” don’t necessarily mean “vegan,” and they doesn’t necessarily mean “totally free of animal products.” 👍 The vagueness gives people flexibility, which is great, and that’s why those words are useful … but it doesn’t make much sense for labeling products, in my opinion.

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