Duncan Hines Gluten-Free Keto Brownies – 99% Vegan

Finally tried the Duncan Hines Gluten-Free Keto Brownies Mix that I picked up for 98 cents at Grocery Outlet. It said “$7.99 elsewhere” … YIKES … so I figured this was a pretty good deal. I made the brownies mix with Just Egg instead of eggs and Miyiko’s butter instead of dairy-based butter. The Duncan Hines mix itself is vegan except for less than 2% by weight milk powder … so I estimate these are at least 99% vegan. That’s plenty vegan enough for the cause of helping animals … as far as I can tell!

Remember my post where I was asking if anyone has ever tried that zucchini-in-the-brownies thing with a mix? Well, guess what … on the side of this Duncan Hines gluten-free Keto brownie mix box, they say you can replace 2 large eggs for zucchini! Pretty cool!

That being said, I like the nutrition of Just Egg 👍👍👍, so I see no need to replace Just Egg from a health standpoint. Just Egg (equivalent of 2 large eggs) has 140 calories, zero saturated fat, 320 mg sodium (14% maximum recommended daily value, not huge), only 2 grams carbohydrates, zero grams sugar, and 12 grams protein. ❤️

However, zucchini may be cheaper than Just Egg (especially if growing it in your garden), and typically zucchini is easier to find in grocery stores, farmers markets, etc. Plus … with zucchini, no plastic bottle! Hurray! Yeah, so I totally see some possibilities for when I might try the zucchini with a mix like this someday.

Now, there IS an ingredient I’d actually like to use a lot less of, from a health or nutrition standpoint … and that is the Miyiko’s butter. Six tablespoons of Miyoko’s butter adds 48 grams of saturated fat to the brownies.. Ugh !!! If you divide the pan into 16 brownies, that’s an additional 3 grams saturated fat per brownie, beyond what’s in the mix itself (1 gram saturated fat per brownie in the mix). Since I normally eat about 3 brownies at a time, that’s 12 grams saturated fat for me.

On the side of the box, they say applesauce, coconut oil, avocado oil or plain unsweetened Greek yogurt can be subbed for the butter. In the future, to reduce that saturated fat content, I’d like to try the Kite Hill vegan protein yogurt as a sub for the butter and see how it comes out.

But … since I had never made gluten-free, high fiber, low carb, “fake sugar” brownies before, I decided to go with the Just Egg and Miyiko’s vegan butter as I figured those would be the most similar to “regular brownies.”

How did these taste? For me, they are not exactly like brownies, in terms of flavor … more like a chocolatey rice crispy treat … however, that is still a nice flavor, and the texture is kind of like a brownie. The brownies were perfectly edible … the “fake sugar” didn’t make them taste gross to me. Most importantly, the gluten-free Keto Duncan Hines brownies … 99% vegan … were a big hit with my husband!

All in all, I’d give the Duncan Hines Keto gluten-free brownie mix … 99% vegan … a thumbs up! Especially because I found it for only 98 cents! Hooray!

Final note: the “best by” date on the Duncan Hines Keto Brownie Mix was “February 8, 2023,” only six days after I bought it. Aha! So that is why it was at Grocery Outlet for so cheap! Makes sense. I wish one could find this for 98 cents every day. My husband likes it, and it appears to be diabetic-friendly. That was a good deal!

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