Vegan zucchini brownies from a mix! Tips from Betty Crocker

I’ve heard about making zucchini brownies, but I had never heard of anybody making zucchini brownies from a mix. I looked it up online a little while back and found this recipe.

The recipe “as is” is not vegan, as I believe it still involves eggs and perhaps other animal ingredients like milk. However, looking at the comments that people added after the recipe, it looks like this recipe is pretty forgiving. I would like to try veganizing this.

I’m thinking I could replace the egg with some energy egg replacer and with the zucchini, that could add quite a bit of moisture, and perhaps I could do like some of the other people suggested, reduce the vegetable oil by one half.

I also liked what some people recommended, which is simply to sprinkle some chocolate chips on top toward the end of the baking time and then let them melt and smear them over the top, so that additional frosting isn’t needed.

If I did that, I might even sprinkle a little bit of powdered sugar on top, just a dusting of i, to make it a little bit prettier.

If anyone here tries making a recipe like this, and veganizing it, or even just having tips for making zucchini brownies from a mix, I would love to hear your ideas.

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