Not-vegan Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookie Thins with Vegan Plant Milk!!! OMG

Remember those ginger cookies that I posted before, the Swedish thins, which are vegan and appear to be accidentally so? My husband knows that I like them, so he sometimes buys them for me at the grocery store. Those Swedish ginger thins are commonly available at grocery stores such as Safeway and so on. Therefore, it makes total sense that when my husband saw these triple ginger cookie thins which look identical, at Trader Joe’s, he picked them up for me. Could they be not-vegan? Well, why would they be, they look just the same, right?

However … I happened to glance at the ingredients on the back of the box, and … it says “contains wheat and egg.” What the heck? What’s up with this? I looked all through the ingredients and I could not find the eggs. Finally I did see it, yes, it contains “pasteurized whole eggs” right there in the middle of the ingredients. I wish they would put that in bold so it would stand out more.

Anyway, it totally doesn’t matter. I’m not allergic to eggs. And when I want ginger thins, normally I would get the Swedish ginger thins that are more commonly available anyway. And which happened to be accidentally vegan.

A great thing about being flexible is that I don’t have to mention that these cookies are not vegan to my husband as he is sensitive and may get upset if he thinks he messed up or did something wrong. I don’t think he’s going to buy these TJ’s ginger thins very often. Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter in terms of harming chickens because it’s such a minor ingredient.

That’s theoretical; no one really knows if avoiding minor ingredients is going to help chickens or not, but what I do know is that being fussy about stuff like this IS harmful to personal relationships.

As one of would expect … I enjoyed my non-vegan cookies with my totally vegan good karma flax milk plus pea protein. Because .., I normally consume all vegan or at least all “big picture vegan” products. The hidden ingredient could be beef fat, fish flakes, or pork lard, and I wouldn’t be concerned about that either, as that’s not what I normally eat.

Come to think of it, these ginger things could count as “big picture vegan.” Because they look the same as the accidentally vegan Swedish ginger thins that we normally get. 👍 “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” that’s my motto!

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