Post-Thanksgiving Field Roast Celebration Roast in Olathe Kansas USA

I posted earlier about the selection of meatless roasts I found at the Whole Foods in Brookside Kansas City Missouri, the night before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving in Gardner Kansas, I ended up only making the Quorn roast with the Gardein holiday roast mushroom gravy. Post-Thanksgiving, I finally got a chance to make the field roast brand celebration roast when visiting my brother in Olathe Kansas USA.

We baked the field roast in the oven the night before, Even though we were having Thai food, takeout, for dinner. We did that because I wanted something easy to just slice up and heat up in a hurry, later on.

From the ingredients, it basically seems like high-protein wheat-based stuffing. Yes, it’s fairly high in sodium, so if sodium is an issue for you, you would want to take it easy with something like this. Of course, that is also true of the typical holiday ham and other foods which are high in sodium, and which are not meat-free.

Here’s what it looks like! I’ve also included some photos of the packaging. I thought this was a very nice and easy protein source. Flavor and texture wise, it was nothing like turkey, but it would fit in really well with a holiday meal.

I know that a turkey is the traditional thing for Thanksgiving here in the USA. Nonetheless, when I looked at the turkey that my brother and his wife had roasted in the oven, it was very beautiful coming straight out of the oven, but that was only for a couple of minutes Most people at the Thanksgiving dinner didn’t even see the turkey looking so beautiful like that.

I guess I’m speaking from experience because with my mom, we used to always have the turkey as a centerpiece, and that was a big deal. Thanksgiving was the only time of year with the whole family sat around the same table and said “please pass the peas” or “please pass the potatoes.” For me, that’s a big part of what Thanksgiving is all about. It was the one time of year when we could all pretend to be civilized! LOL

If it’s just going to be a bunch of food served cafeteria style, to me, why not just have a meatless roast anyhow? It’s still tasty and has lots of protein. And it still goes well with all the other dishes.

The photos above shows the packaging for the field roast, including a picture of the ingredient and nutrition label.

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