Leftovers: Vegan Fried Rice and Potato, Spinach, Cannelini Bean Stew

My husband has been making Chinese inspired vegan fried rice with peas, corn, vegan chicken, vegan bacon, just egg (vegan egg substitute made with mung beans), edamame, and God knows what else, but it’s really good! He has also been making a potato stew with cannellini beans, spinach and other vegetables. This time I tried topping the vegan fried rice with the cannellini bean potato stew, and it was a great combination.

Vegan “everything but the kitchen sink” fried rice topped with cannellini bean potato spinach stew, heated up in the microwave, because it’s leftovers.

My husband is Chinese, and he loves to cook. He also loves to eat meat. I’ve been following either a strictly vegan diet or mostly vegan diet for about 20 years. When my husband and I started dating about 15 years ago, he was really into cooking, and because I’m so busy with my job and all the other projects going on, I’ve never had much time to cook. So once we moved in together, it just became the natural thing that he was the main person doing all the cooking.

Thankfully, I’m not a picky eater. I think my husband and I are both on the autism spectrum. One thing about my husband, he will make one or two dishes, and make just those over and over again for a couple of weeks, so that’s pretty much all we eat, and then he gets tired of those, and he moves on to something else.

Right now my husband is on a fried rice and bean soup kick. For the fried rice, he’s into the idea of putting all matters of meat in there. Right now he is making what we call “meat rice” for himself with all different types of meat in there, as well as a fully vegan one for me.

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