Kansas City Thanksgiving Leftovers – My Food for the Airplane Ride Home

This probably doesn’t look very appetizing to anyone, but for me, this was very tasty. It was my Kansas City Thanksgiving leftovers — my food for the airplane ride home.

Included here are parts of the field roast celebration loaf, with vegan gravy, the microgreens, and sweet potatoes I had bought at the Whole Foods in Brookside Kansas City, Missouri USA.

Looking back at my photos from that trip and from that month, I am just amazed at how much I accomplished in such a small amount of time.

Rope access training for two weeks in Reno Nevada, more than a week back at home, working on my bridge inspection reports, migrating this website from Bluehost to WordPress, taking off to Kansas City for Thanksgiving and visiting friends and family and rushing back home for more bridge inspections. I can’t believe I did it all and survived.

But then, when I look at my photos from December, January, and February 2023, I can see that the schedule just has not let up one bit! Wow. I hope I can get some rest soon, but tonight is not going to be the night. I have to stay up late finishing some stuff for work and I have to get up early also. Hope I can catch up on sleep soon!

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