Late Night Stop at Burger King for the Impossible Whopper and Onion Rings!

Made a late night stop at Burger King for the Impossible Whopper and onion rings! As shown in the photo, the Impossible Whopper isn’t advertised on the outside of the restaurant, so I wasn’t sure if it was still on the menu. Thankfully, it was!

I had a super long day (Monday), non-stop activity from 7:05 AM to 8:45 PM. At 8:45 PM, I was at Home Depot and realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day except candy, some oranges and my two Orgain vegan protein shakes. I was exhausted and had an hour long trip ahead of me to get home (30 minutes driving in a car, 30 minutes riding my bike), and I was going to have to get up early for my bridge inspection the next day (Tuesday).

I was doing the math and had already figured out it would be impossible for me to get a full night’s sleep, even without stopping to eat. Obviously, the more sleep the better, even if I can’t get my full seven hours. So if I was going to eat, I needed something quick. I searched in my phone, no Taco Bell’s on the way home, but there was a Burger King!

The Impossible Whopper at Burger King is meat-free and doesn’t come with cheese. I believe it’s vegan except for the mayonnaise, which one could ask them to not put on there. Because I choose vegan/veganish for the animals, and not because of a food allergy, I don’t bother asking them to “hold the mayo.” I might do it to avoid unwanted extra calories, but when ordering from a drive thru, I feel there’s a good chance the person will misunderstand and get the order wrong anyway.

Once I tried ordering “special” at a drive thru, trying to make something that was only slightly non-vegan totally vegan, and the person substituted the mayo (or whatever it was, can’t remember) for bacon. Lesson learned: when ordering special at a drive thru, who knows WHAT one will end up with. That is why … if the “standard” item is pretty close to vegan, I believe it’s better to “cut one’s losses” and order it standard. Then there are no surprises.

On the same trip to Burger 🍔 King, I also ordered the onion rings, as I figure those are likely close to vegan, too. I ended up eating the onion rings in the car and saving the Impossible whopper for my breakfast/lunch the next day on the bridge. I put the Impossible Whopper in my vest for food during the bridge inspection. It was portable and worked great!

We spent 3 days climbing inside this bridge, up and down on these inclines, hundreds of times to cover the whole bridge and squeezing through port holes. It was quite a workout!

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