High protein, palm-free, vegan ramen at Aldi!

We went to Aldi today and I wasn’t really planning on getting much. It was actually my husband’s idea to get the kid out of the house. But I’m glad we did because we found a bunch of goodies! My favorite find was this Chef Woo plant-based ramen with 20 grams of protein per cup. I had one for a snack and I’m really impressed. I expected the noodles to be a little rubbery but they weren’t. It just tasted like ramen. I added some sriracha to mine, the beef flavored one. So far I picked up eight, four chicken flavored and four beef flavored, since they were only $1.49 a cup. Protein ramen is usually very expensive. I got some for my husband because he has hot water available at work but sometimes it’s a struggle to find high-protein vegan food. This way he can keep some in his desk drawer and have it whenever. He also keeps nuts and protein bars.

I also picked up another pack of Everything Bagel Skinnys, some red pepper hummus protein wraps, tofu, Silk yogurt, vegan sour cream and onion chips, vegan cauliflower crackers, brussels sprouts, sugar snap peas, bananas, rice ramen noodles (I think instead of ramen, I’ll use them in a faux pho), vegan ice cream, Beyond Meat patties ($3.99 for 2 4 oz. patties. Usually $6-7.), green chiles, and creamed corn.

When I ran into those Beyond patties, I decided to use it to make chili. Last week, I got a box of Jiffy vegetarian cornbread mix at Walmart. With the creamed corn and green chiles I got today, and some Kite Hill Greek yogurt I already had, I made corn casserole/pudding/spoonbread, whatever you call it, to go with the chili.

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  1. Hooray! It looks like that corn bread/spoon bread is similar to the kind that I make. I wish I could find the vegetarian Jiffy mix in the stores where we shop. So far all I find is the regular jiffy mix that has lard in it. I love that both the regular jiffy mix and a vegetarian version are super cheap. And the jiffy mixes make pretty good cornbread, as far as I’m concerned!

  2. Hey, I didn’t even know that protein Ramen with a thing. That’s pretty neat that it’s vegan even though it’s called chicken flavor or beef flavor or whatever. Is it accidentally vegan or is it a specialty vegan product?

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