Vegan breakfast for my veganish coworker and me: good fuel for grueling bridge inspections!

My veganish coworker is 24, and I’m 48. We are two women doing what one of my coworkers told me is a man’s job. This week we were climbing around and lugging ladders inside an orthopedic box girder, for bridge inspections. I am sharing the good vegan fuel that kept us going for our grueling bridge inspection today.

My coworker and I carried these ladders all along the inside of the bridge, so that we could reach the points we needed to look at closely.

My coworker doesn’t usually eat breakfast. I used to be the same. Honestly, I’ve learned from experience, it’s really easy to run out of gas on the bridge instructions if one doesn’t get some fuel prior to working.

My vegan leftovers breakfast! Right rice Korean beefless bulgogi from Trader Joe’s, lemon broccoli, edamame (soybeans), heated up in the microwave. So tasty!

So, since I normally heat up leftovers to take with me and a glass container, to eat on the way to work, I have been making two dishes each morning, one for me and one for her. This post includes the two leftovers combo dishes that I put together this morning.

The bowl I made for my coworker. Right rice, edamame (soybeans), lemon broccoli, red and white beans made with tarragon (frozen and leftover from Christmas), and field roast celebration roast. Added salsa on top not pictured) because otherwise the field roast was too dry.

My coworker said she loved this. She especially liked the celebration field roast. I hope it is helping her to make it through the day OK! Having a breakfast like this with lots of protein and good nutrition definitely helps me.

My coworker and I carried the ladders over and under and through the bridge for miles! Thankfully they were lightweight aluminum ladders. So .. even though we are both petite women, we did it just fine! Yay ! Girl power. 🙌

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