Trader Joe’s vegan Korean beefless bulgogi with Whole Foods bulgogi sauce, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and right rice

If you live in the USA near a Trader Joe’s grocery store and enjoy fake meat, I highly recommend the vegan Korean Beefless Bulgogi from Trader Joe’s. I believe they just came out with it in 2022.

Front of package: Trader Joe’s Korean beefless bulgogi (vegan)

When I first tried this, I was working long hours at work, and happened to have a box of this available (random gift from coworker). I put the entire amount from the package in the toaster oven, just as is without any extra seasoning. It tasted plenty good enough for me, just like that.

Trader Joe’s vegan Korean beefless bulgogi: hubby’s doctored up version

Regarding the nutrition it isn’t too bad, as long as sodium isn’t an issue for you. It doesn’t have a ton of saturated fat and it does have a good amount of protein and fiber, not much sugar. For a snack while working late at night at the computer, I figured it was probably better than plain old potato chips.

Nutrition label / back of package for Trader Joe’s vegan Korean beefless bulgogi.

I told my husband about this product, so he went to looked for it at Trader Joe’s. Since then, he has been making it on the regular. My husband wasn’t sure how to season it at first, but he found an accidentally vegan bulgogi sauce at Whole Foods and that’s what he uses. He sautés mushrooms, onions, bell peppers to go along with it, too.

Vegan Korean beefless bulgogi from Trader Joe’s over right rice.

I enjoyed the Korean Bulgogi over “right rice;” I think this might be the cilantro lime flavor … right rice is a higher fiber, higher protein rice substitute made with lentil flour, chickpea flour, rice flour and other ingredients. Delicious combination, and I’m guessing, very nutritious, as well.

My husband made this while I was sleeping, so I didn’t see how long it took to prepare. However, I get the impression that he wrastles this up in a hurry. If you’re a busy cook with not a lot of time on your hands, this could be a quick and easy solution for a quick dinner.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts aka hemp seeds.

By the way, not pictured, I smothered the whole thing in hemp seeds after heating this up in the microwave because I love the taste and texture of hemp seeds as a topping. I figure they are nice for an extra zap of nutrition, too.

Nutrition label / back of package for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts aka hemp seeds.

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