Vegan breakfast before a tough day of bridge inspection on a rainy day!

I’m sharing my vegan breakfast before a tough day of bridge inspection on a rainy day. I rode my bike 4 miles each way to get to the meeting spot for the bridge crew. Elsewhere in California USA, flash flooding has caused creeks to overflow and roads to get flooded. Apparently, people have died due to the flooding.

Each time when I was riding my bike, it happened to be doing a lull between the heavier rainstorms, and I didn’t see any flooding. With all the dangers going on due to weather, war, and other disasters worldwide (it never stops) … every day I am thankful simply to have made it through another day safely. Hopefully we can continue on and stay safe tomorrow.

My vegan breakfast before the bridge inspection.

Above is a photo of the vegan leftovers that I put together in a bowl in the microwave prior to the bridge inspections today. What do we have here?

– Spanish flavor “Right Rice” in the bottom of the bowl (hard to see). Right rice is a higher protein, higher fiber, lower carb rice substitute which is made out of rice flour, chickpea flour lentil flour, and other things. Normal white rice and brown rice are both really great, but because we have diabetes in the family, my husband and I have been enjoying the “extra” nutritional features of this specialty right rice.

– some shepherds pie that my husband made with lentils, mashed potatoes and other vegetables.

– tofu, basil and edamame dish my husband made

– canned pinto beans with canned chipotle peppers and cumin

– more edamame

– more mashed potatoes

– Not pictured, after taking it out of the microwave, I doused the whole thing in hemp seeds.

The bridge we were inspecting today.

I’m including some photos from the bridge inspection today. I think we walked about 4 miles round-trip. The thing that makes it difficult is that we were walking in the dark with just a flashlight for illumination, and we were walking on very steep and dusty (slippery) surfaces.

We spent the whole day climbing up and down on the slanted surfaces that you see on the right.

It’s easy to trip and fall. One could go sliding 15 feet, picking up momentum, and slam against something and injure oneself. Therefore, at all times, one has to stay focused and move carefully. And it’s not just the danger of slipping and falling; it’s also that one is constantly climbing over things, so one needs strength, endurance, dexterity, and all-around fitness for my job.

In addition to climbing up and down the slanted surfaces, we have to go in between cubby holes like this all the time, except a bunch of them are smaller than this.

I did all of the inspection today on only 3.5 hours of sleep. Although it’s not good to get so little sleep, I’m thankful to say, I did really great. No injuries, no problems, thank goodness.

I’m 48 years old and doing the bridge inspections with someone who is 24 years old (half my age). She is veganish like me. We are both good examples of how it is possible (at least for some people) to be in great shape physically, without needing to include meat or cheese or eggs or other animal products as a regular part of one’s diet.

This is a door for accessing the inside of the bridge! It was pouring down rain outside, but thankfully it was mostly dry inside the bridge where we were doing our inspection.

I know it’s not good to only get 3 1/2 hours of sleep and that certainly wasn’t my plan last night, but it happened. Tonight I’m planning to get nine hours of sleep to try to at least partially make up for last night. I have an early morning tomorrow as well. Going to a different bridge tomorrow.

For everyone all across the world, whether you are dealing with floods, drought, famine, war, genocide, or whatever other problems that may be coming your way, I hope that things will get better soon.

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