Thai Place, the “Original Thai Food Restaurant” in Kansas City Missouri, now in Olathe Kansas

It’s the last day of the year in 2022, and I still haven’t finished sharing everything from this year. Here is something from my visit to Olathe, Kansas, in November 2022. My brother picked up food from a restaurant in Olathe, which he said is owned by the people who created the original Thai food restaurant in Kansas City, called Thai place, in Westport.

Tofu pad Thai from a Thai place in Olathe Kansas.

Above is a photo of the tofu pad Thai dish that I ordered for take out. It was very tasty! I ate the whole thing in one go, no leftovers. It seems like whenever I order things in San Francisco, from a Thai food place, usually it has more vegetables or more other stuff; this one felt like it was just pasta and sauce and tofu and peanuts.

I had the same experience when I ordered a tofu pad Thai from Lulu’s in the crossroads area of Kansas City about a year ago. I think I ordered the same dish so I guess it makes sense that it came out as the same thing. Ha ha!

Possibly, in San Francisco, usually there are more choices of things to order that are vegetarian or vegan/friendly, at a Thai place? Or it could be that I typically go to vegan or vegetarian Thai food places when I go to one, so obviously they have a lot more variety for vegan / vegetarian items. Maybe the situation is that I do not order this particular dish “tofu pad Thai” when I’m in San Francisco. Nothing against it at all, it’s just that I try to get more vegetables in there, when I’m ordering things.

Again, this dish was super tasty; it’s just that I have a hard time finding fruits and vegetables, so when I’m eating out, usually I order something with protein plus vegetables. Left to my own devices I will literally eat boxes of Triscuits all day. No fruits or vegetables there! Ha ha.

That’s why. when I’m ordering something and somebody is making it for me so that I can just eat it right off the plate (Just as easy as eating Triscuits from a box, LOL)l, I try to order a full meal with protein and vegetables and all the other stuff that I don’t normally make for myself.

Well we are here, I’m including a couple of pictures from the Kansas City MCI airport. These tile murals in the floor reminded me of art deco paintings.

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