Cascadian Farm “powered by plants” frozen grains vegetables beans medley with Impossible Sausage.

I bought this frozen Cascadian Farm “powered by plants” grains vegetable beans medley at the great basin co-op in Reno Nevada awhile back, in October. Now it’s late December, and I’m finally getting a chance to try it.

I bought this because I was staying in a hotel at the time and I thought this would be an easy meal for me to make in my electric skillet. As it’s a frozen food item, instead of canned, it doesn’t have as much sodium. Even though I have low blood pressure, I am mindful about sodium, as I feel like avoiding sodium is probably a good idea in general.

I like the ingredients on this, but the only thing I didn’t like was that it was very expensive. I was traveling so I was in the mood to splurge.

It’s a good thing I made this at home as it needed a large pan for preparing this. Above is a photo of how it looked straight out of the package. It was a massive frozen block!

It took me a lot longer to cook than what they recommended on the package because it was so frozen. Above is a picture of how it was in the pan when it was mostly cooked.

Once I finished cooking it, I tasted the medley and for me, it wasn’t very flavorful. So I added the Trader Joe’s creamy dill salad dressing which is cauliflower-based. That made it a little better but still not flavorful enough for me.

Next, I tried adding the roasted garlic Hellmann’s creamy sauce, which is accidentally vegan. That also helped a little bit. I probably should’ve added some spiciness like chili oil or Tabasco sauce, but I didn’t have any.

I found some impossible sausage links that needed to be eaten up, forgotten at the back of the fridge. I sliced those and fried them up in a frying pan with only a very tiny amount of vegetable oil. Wow! They made a lot of grease. From what I recall, these have quite a bit of saturated fat; if so, then then I would not want to eat the Impossible sausage in unlimited amounts.

I put my vegetable medley mixture in a bowl and mixed the impossible sausage in with it.

As the final thing, I sprinkled hemp seeds on top. With the impossible sausage mixed in, it was pretty tasty! This was a very easy meal to make. I just wish that the vegetable medley had been cheaper. Hopefully there are cheaper ways to get things like this. I think that grocery stores like Aldi probably sell such things for cheaper prices.

We don’t have Aldi near where I live (San Francisco), but Aldi is a discount grocery store that is gaining popularity in various locations around the USA. I have been to Aldi locations in Pittsburg Kansas, Shawnee Kansas and Columbia Missouri. When my mother was living in Sherman, Texas, I believe she said that an Aldi had opened up in her area as well (around 2015).

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