Vegan whey powder is here!

I got my single serving sachets of California Performance vegan whey protein powder. It is real whey but it is animal-free. A year or so ago, I was trying to explain this to someone who wouldn’t hear of it. But it’s true! Years ago as part of a genome project, they sequenced a cow’s DNA, I think. Anyway, you don’t want to hear the ins and outs from me, but feel free to check out how it works. I think it’s pretty amazing! They don’t need to use a cow with the DNA unlocked so this is not like some of the lab-grown meat that will need to physical parts of an animal.

The flavors I got are berry, vanilla sundae and chocolate brownie. I’m already currently drinking the Orgain chocolate flavor so I decided to try the vanilla first. Now I like the Orgain pretty well, but I can still tasty a bit of a planty taste and this doesn’t have that at all. I prefer to be without the planty taste even though it’s not that bad, and Orgain is definitely tastier than most others when it comes to conventional vegan protein powders. Given that I really like how it tastes, and I think the price is fair at $25 for 15 servings, which is better than Orgain at Target but not quite as good as Orgain in bulk at Sam’s, I’m going to order some big bags. I’ll have to try the other two flavors before I figure out what flavors I want to do.

I’ll still be drinking the Orgain reguarly too. The Orgain has iron, the California Performance has calcium so I can see a good reason to switch up my protein shake brands. There’s another brand I’m going to try, Misfits, but right now they are sold out of some of the flavors. I also have a brand called Kos ordered I got from Target online. I’ll be back with my opinion on that too.

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  1. Hurray! I’m so glad to hear that you do like the taste of the vegan whey protein powder. It’s good to know that this one has Calcium and the Orgain has iron. So like you say, you can switch it up to get the two different nutrients.

    Also glad to hear that the price on the vegan whey powder is reasonable. Yay!

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