Yeung Man curry and rice before swing dancing

Today was such a weird day. I didn’t get to do much of any exercise other than walking to the BART station on my way to work. I did a bunch of stuff at the computer and had various meetings in the morning, in the afternoon, and the evening, which broke up my day in such a way where I didn’t feel like I had time to exercise.

Thankfully, I do have time to go to Swing Dancing this evening. So if I can get motivated to do that, that can count for my exercise.

For dinner, my husband made right rice for me, it’s the Spanish rice version, and I had that with leftovers of the potato and oyster mushroom curry.

The recipe is from Will Yeung, “Yeung Man” on YouTube. It doesn’t look much like much from the picture; it’s a brown curry so I’m sure it doesn’t come across very appetizing online. However, for me, it’s very comforting and delicious.

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