Bridge inspection plus running around the lake- my veganish food for the day

Had a tough day today, but thankfully a very active day. Last week I had some tough days where I was literally stuck at my computer for 14 hours and got no exercise at all.

Today I did a physically demanding and also treacherous inspection inside a steel box girder of a huge bridge. That included carefully but quickly walking up and down im pitch black darkness (Except for my flashlight or head lamp) inspecting welds and steel members. It’s treacherous because it’s steep and slippery, and there are tripping hazards everywhere.

I was pretty tired from the strenuous bridge inspection that we did today, but I decided to run around the lake. This is Lake Merritt in Oakland California. We have had a lot of rain lately here in the San Francisco Bay area, but today we had blue skies and the most beautiful white fluffy clouds.

I am including the data from Strava. My 12-minute pace may seem slow but I did this at a 14-minute pace a month ago! I’m way out of shape for running but hope I can work my way back to at least a 10-minute “casual running pace” eventually. Right now a 12-minute pace is tough for me. Oh well, at least I made it! Little by little. 💓

Regarding my food for the day, in the morning I had leftovers of this quinoa salad and sugar snap peas or green beans ? that my coworker had brought me from Whole Foods last Friday. I ate half of it on Friday and saved the other half for breakfast Monday morning.

I also had one of the Orgain protein shakes, which is 140 cal and 20 g of protein.

Then my coworkers and I stopped off at a place called deli fresh. During the pandemic, they had closed down their salad bar, but I was very happy to see the salad bar was once again OPEN. I made myself a quick salad of greens and my favorite Rocket/arugula, three bean salad, kidney beans, chickpeas? green peas, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Once we had finally mobilized and were about to get on the bridge, it was about an hour later. I ended up eating my salad right then in the car with another Orgain protein shake.

During the bridge inspection, we stopped halfway through for a little snack break. Just about 10 minutes of a break, my coworker and I shared a banana, a peanut butter Cliff bar that he brought, some other kind of granola bar that he brought, and a slice of apricot poundcake. Probably not Vegan, but honestly I don’t worry too much about random shared food like this.

When we got back to the office, I did the run around the lake. When I got back, a coworker and I shared a jar of Trader Joe’s creamy tomato soup that another coworker had donated to us. I checked the ingredients, it is milk-based tomato soup, so it’s not vegan. Again, no big deal. I don’t normally eat dairy products but with random shared and/or free food, I don’t worry about it.

I didn’t have anything else to eat with me, so in my opinion it was better to have a nice hot bowl of tomato soup and get some food in my stomach versus not.

When I got home from work in the evening, my husband had made the most delicious vegan curry with mushrooms and potatoes. Served over right rice. I absolutely loved it. I also ha leftover vegan Trader Joe’s beefless bulgogi with vegetables and rice.

I might be forgetting something but that’s most of what I ate today. I didn’t get pictures of everything. I also had calcium supplement, vitamin C airborne, and all of my other supplements including B12, iron and a multivitamin.

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