Veganish Thanksgiving Haul from Whole Foods Brookside, Kansas City Missouri USA

I have lots to share with you from my Thanksgiving trip to Kansas and Missouri USA, to visit friends and relatives, and also to do some work at my rental property there.

First I’ll share with you my veganish haul (actually I thought it was vegan at the time of purchase), from my pre-Thanksgiving trip to the Whole Foods grocery store in Brookside, Kansas City Missouri.

I snapped this picture real quick of the Whole Foods Market in Brookside, Kansas City Missouri USA.

I arrived at the store, just prior to closing. My primary goal was simply to find a easy to prepare turkey alternative, as I would be attending a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with my family the next day, at a farm in Kansas. Everything on the menu was going to include animal products, including the vegetable dishes, of course, because of Thanksgiving. 

I was already prepared to make a plate out of whatever side dishes were available. Yes, I could have been plenty satisfied just by having that. However, I wanted to bring a meatless alternative to the turkey, mainly so that other people could see what it looks like and also try it if they wanted to.

while I was there, ended up buying quite a few more things, and I’m really glad I did. It turned out to be really nice to have some salad fixings and other things of my own to eat, while staying with relatives, so I didn’t have to rely on them tofeed me for every meal.

Here are some photos of the Thanksgiving themed section that they had for the meatless turkey options. I was very amazed that they had so much available here. It was the eve of Thanksgiving, and I was afraid they would be all sold out.

I hope that they sold enough of these meatless turkey alternative products to continue offering these at this grocery store.

I was in a big rush, as they were about to close, so I simply arranged these products to be able to take pictures, without reading anything. I noticed that the Quorn roast was on sale, and it was a lot cheaper than the other options. I didn’t even know that Quorn roast was available here in the USA.

I grabbed two of the Quorn roasts as they were so much cheaper, and I also grabbed the field roast celebration roast, as I had been wanting to try that, too. It was more expensive but I figured, it’s time with family, why not go for it. Plus, it came with a mushroom gravy and the Quorn roast did not.

By the way, later on I also noticed that the celebration roast is twice the size of the Quorn roast. So it’s only a little bit more expensive, pound per pound, than the Quorn roast.

They also had an every day 365 meatless holiday roast and some possibly personal sized holiday roast options from Gardein.

When I brought the foods home, I arranged everything to take a picture for you (our readers here at Veganish Dot World). That’s when I had more time to look at the ingredients and nutrition and such.

My Veganish Haul, from the Whole Foods grocery store in Brookside, Kansas City Missouri.

When I got home to set up that photo for you all, that’s when I found out that the Quorn meatless roast is actually Vegetarian but not Vegan. What!?? It includes milk and egg ingredients. Hmm! I’m not sure if I would have bought it, had I realized that because there were these other similarly priced available there, which were vegan.

However, since it turns out that I did buy the Quorn roast after all, I was very interested to try this and see what it was like. I will share more about the cooking process and how it turned out, in a later post.

One of the moderators at let’s go vegan-ISH, on Facebook, who is not vegan or vegetarian either (like me), mentioned that she would like a meatless roast that doesn’t have other things stuck inside, like cranberries or stuffing, etc. This Quorn roast fits the bill for that; it’s just plain meatless meat. Nothing stuffed inside.

I’m glad that meatless options exist like this for people who are not vegan or who otherwise are indeed able to eat eggs and dairy products. If these options are cheaper or more delicious or more suitable nutritionally, for people who would otherwise like to eat turkey meat, such options are a fabulous thing for helping turkeys.

Stay tuned for more info on this!

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  1. I used to eat the Quorn turkey roast as a non-vegetarian. I thought they were pretty good, reminded me of the mechanically-separated turkey you might get in a frozen entree. They actually sell them year round.

      1. Well, maybe not all stores! Walmart used to have them and they no longer do. But I think the bigger Krogers carry them still. I usually just go to the smaller Kroger that’s a >5 minute drive from my house and they never have them, not even at the holidays. I think my co-op only carries them for the holidays though.

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