Run run as fast as you, you can’t catch me, I’m the chocolatebread man!

Do most people like gingerbread cookies? I can eat them, but they really aren’t my favorite. I wouldn’t chase down a sentient gingerbread man to eat him! I’m not huge on what I call “potpourri” desserts. It’s not the spices in things like gingerbread and spice cake I don’t like, but they always seem a bit too heavy-handed on the spices to me and sometimes the molasses are too strong-tasting. So this year, instead of making gingerbread cookies, I am going to make these chocolate sugar cookies from Betty Crocker. I have always had luck with Betty Crocker’s vegan recipes. There are some wonderful vegan chefs online, but finding the ones who actually know what they’re doing can be tricky. There are times I would swear this person didn’t even test the recipe and made a non-vegan version for pictures or something. But I have always had luck when using the recipes from the big guns, like Hershey’s and Betty Crocker. That being said, I’ve always had luck with It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken and Nora Cooks when it comes to desserts too.

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  1. I like ginger snaps and ginger flavored cookies, would that be the same thing as a gingerbread cookie? I didn’t realize that Betty Crocker makes already vegan recipes like this that a person doesn’t have to veganize. They did a great job with the pictures and the writing and everything for the vegan holiday chocolate cookie recipe. Right on. Betty Crocker!

    1. It’s probably similar spice-wise. I don’t like ginger snaps either. But gingerbread is a misnomer. It’s called that because it used to be a bread but it’s morphed into a cookie now.

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