Fun with Not-Vegan Chocolate (Contains Dairy)

A friend gifted me this lovely Pixie’s Garden purple and white chocolate, from the comic con he attended in San Diego California, quite a few months ago.

Pixie’s garden, purple and white chocolate together.

I’m not a doctor or anything, but I would guess that this friend of mine is somewhere on the spectrum for autism, and let’s face it, so am I. But we’re a couple of old geezers who never got officially diagnosed, apparently.

I do have my quirks, and I don’t always get along well with everyone. As another friend once told me, “Well, you do take some getting used to.“ Now isn’t that an understatement? Ha ha. Truth be told, there are some weirdos who find me incredibly delightful, right from the start. 😉 But enough about me, we were talking about my friend!

My friend and I share a lot in common but one thing that is different about this friend is that he is a massive hoarder, especially of food. He lives by himself and he loves to find bargains and stock up, He also loves to order online for specialty items. Long story short, he ends up with way more food than he can ever eat himself and he likes to give the food away to people.

So it turns out I’m one of the people that he likes to give food to. He knows that I strive for vegan food at all times, But he also knows that I’m willing to be flexible about things. It definitely helps that I’m compulsive about not seeing food go to waste. 😀

My friend also knows that I like purple, and I like pretty things. I think that’s why my friend bought this special pretty purple chocolate for me at the comic con in San Diego California USA.

He left the chocolate for me at my desk, and I found it days later. My friend was very curious to know what I thought about the chocolate. However, I was very busy with work and in the middle of running around to lots of different things for trips and such. So I didn’t feel like I had the time to properly enjoy and savor such a special chocolate.

Life is short, might as well enjoy the good things you’ve got, which are right in front of you.

The moment finally came, several months later, when I felt like I had a quiet moment (and space in my stomach!) so I could slow down and enjoy this.

I took time to inspect it carefully, including the wrapper and everything. It turns out that no ingredient list was provided. (Thank goodness, I’m not strictly vegan or allergic to anything; that would’ve been a nightmare for someone who absolutely has to know every single ingredient of their food!)

Based on the description on the back (I think I forgot to take a photo?), white chocolate and a creamy component, I very much doubt that this was a fully vegan (dairy-free) chocolate.

Not only am I not a strict vegan, I am neither allergic to milk nor lactose intolerant (those are two very different things). As a result, I can eat this chocolate. And that’s pretty cool. Yes, as a non-vegan, I can HAVE FUN and enjoy non-vegan things! And it’s no disrespect to cows, whatsoever. Not from my perspective.

For the sake of the cows, I do avoid dairy products in my usual daily life, but I also understand that rejecting a gift like this isn’t going to make a difference for our bovine friends.

I’m pretty sure that the dairy cows themselves would even eat the free chocolate if they could!

Why? Because even the dairy cows would understand that a person NOT eating a random one-off gift like this isn’t going to do anything to change the current situation for dairy cows.

Life is short, might as well enjoy the good things you’ve got, which are right in front of you.

I think the dairy cows would agree with that.

By the way, if imaginative thinking about animals and what they might think (anthropomorphism) makes your eyes roll back in their sockets, too bad! 😊😘❤️😝 I actually LIKE that kind of thing.

Now, if everyone in the world (those who currently consume dairy products), could reduce the amount of dairy products they consume down to just about nothing, would THAT make a difference for dairy cows?

You betcha.

And … last time I checked, I have already done that.

Woo hoo! GO ME! I am God’s gift to dairy cows, even though I ate the chocolate!

That’s taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

Yeah. Just a tad. 😅

That being said, if I were someone who consumed dairy products on a daily or more regular basis, but I was already doing other things that have a much larger impact for animals, such as generally not relying on eating meat from fish, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and so on, I would feel really good about that. If that were the case, I wouldn’t worry about the dairy products, which are a much smaller piece of the pie, when you consider the whole picture.

That’s something I enjoy about being veganish. I don’t have to follow any rules; I already feel comfortable about how little I consume in terms of animal products. That is why, if a lovely little treat like this comes my way, I can enjoy it with no regrets. ❤️

Yup! Some of us are having fun with our non-vegan chocolate and helping the animals, too!

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