Chinese fried rice, vegan style

My husband surprised me with this vegan version of Chinese fried rice.

Chinese fried rice, vegan style.

It’s regular white rice, tofu for a complete protein, vegetables with spices and hot peppers, “just egg” which is a vegan replacement for scrambled eggs made with mung beans (high protein and very nutritious), and this vegan oyster sauce.

We found the Lucky foods brand, organic oyster-flavored vegan sauce at Whole Foods in San Francisco California USA. See below for the ingredients and nutrition label.

Altogether, the Chinese fried rice dish, vegan style, was very tasty!

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  1. I use something I think that is similar, called vegetarian stir fry sauce. I think I saw somewhere that it can used like oyster sauce, at least that’s what I do and the food is delicious, like I’m sure your fried rice was!

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