Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball by Nora Cooks

Lesley from 10 Weeks to Vegan, a Facebook group for people interested in learning about vegan options (funded by Vegan Outreach), posted this picture of a vegan cranberry pecan cheese ball that she made. I asked Lesley if I could share it here in the blog, and she said YES!

The gist of the recipe is to mix cream cheese (various vegan versions may be available at your local grocery store) with pecans, cranberries, chives and herbs, and refrigerate until ready to serve. This looks like a festive appetizer for a party or even a “Netflix and chill” movie night.

Here is the recipe from Nora cooks.

Kathleen Kastner, a fan of Nora Cooks, made a video of the cranberry pecan cheese ball recipe.


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