The worst plant-based/vegan protein powder thus far…

I give that award to Misfits! I hate doing it because I have enjoyed their protein bars and have found them to be a great balance of protein and taste. But their powder…why?!?! Who tried that and was like, “Yeah, this is great!” because no, it’s not. It reminds me of the low-carb Slimfast shakes circa 2005. Oh, man, this is bad, and I’m not the pickiest of the bunch. The non-nutritive sweetener choice is both too sweet but also screams NOT REAL SUGAR and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. This is supposed to be cookies n’ creme flavor and all I taste is something like monk fruit or stevia. And I used unsweetened soymilk, ice and water so my drink is diluted and it’s still way too sweet. It wasn’t that affordable either. It’s $28 for about 16 servings. The only thing I can honestly say I enjoy is the nutrition: 110 calories, 20 grams of protein, 36% iron, 125% vitamin B-12. So this gets a thumbs down from me and I really can’t imagine most people would enjoy the taste. Now if you are looking for a protein bar, I do like a lot of those with cookie butter, smores and hazelnut being my favorite flavors. I don’t care for the white chocolate coating ones because it’s too sweet IMO. They do contain monkfruit and/or stevia I think so if you can’t stand those, might not be your thing, but I usually don’t care that much for those sweeteners but I thought they did a good job with them. The bars usually have 16 grams of protein in 180 calories and no sugar. But again, I’d skip the powders! I notice they only seem to sell the one flavor now in the powder (cookies n’ creme) which makes me wonder if they haven’t had success with them.

Anyway, I’m not going to waste it but this is going to be a struggle. Next time I make a shake out of this, I think maybe I’ll try adding unsweetened cocoa powder to try to balance it out. I am definitely not going to punish myself with this stuff daily though. Like maybe my goal will be to have it twice a week? I’ll be rid of this crap in 2 months then! 🤣

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