A disappointing vegan taste test day – Lindt Oatmilk Bar

Today my Lindt Oatmilk Chocolate bar arrived from Target. Target has a minimum $35 for online orders policy so I decided it was worth it to load my cart up with all that in chocolate. Personally, I like to have a small piece of chocolate for dinner every night and I usually get a little bit out for my kid and husband too so it wasn’t totally crazy. But I thought these Lindt bars were going to be mind-blowingly good so I ordered three of them along with some Favorite Day accidentally vegan chocolate products. Well, I wish I ordered only one and the rest in Favorite Day chocolate but how was I to know? Ha.

I was just disappointed. They weren’t gross, but they weren’t very good either. If I had tried them in a blind taste test, I would have never guessed it was chocolate, maybe I’d have guessed white chocolate? But there was no real chocolate flavor there. The texture wasn’t great either. I expected softness and creaminess and it was more like those Enjoy Life ricemilk chocolates which are waxy and hard. I mean, it was a little better than the Enjoy Life ricemilk chocolates but not by much, and I guess I have more expectations out of a chocolatier than a company dedicated to allergy-friendly products.

Admittedly, I prefer dark chocolate. I have since I can remember. I used to pick out the Hershey’s Special Dark from those Halloween bags, and as I got older, I went for chocolate darker than that (85% is probably my favorite). So maybe I’m not the absolute best person to review milk chocolate BUT I’ve had better vegan milk chocolate. There’s a brand called 7th Heaven (used to be named Panda) that makes legit vegan milk chocolate that is creamy and softer. It’s a little pricier – I think about $6 a bar vs. $4 for the Lindt but I think it’s quite a bit better.

And if you like dark-ish chocolate and want a more budget-conscious option, I really can’t recommend some of the Favorite Day chocolate products from Target enough. Of course, not all are vegan but a big chunk are, and so far, all I’ve had are delish and aesthetically pleasing.

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