I didn’t end the day in disappointment!

So another thing I found at Bargain Hunt was this McCormick Tasty-branded Savory Spice Mix. It’s got typical Italian flavors like basil, tomato and oregano. On the back it had a recipe for Chicken Bruschetta Pasta so I used it for inspiration. The recipe said to saute a small chopped onion and one pound of chicken breast, and in the same skillet put 8 oz. of pasta and a 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes with a quart of chicken broth then to stir in one cup of mozzarella. Instead of chicken breast, I used some half-empty bags of vegan meatballs in the freezer – some Beyond Italian meatballs I had hanging out in a freezer bag (no clue when I did that and why I didn’t finish a whole package!) and some Morningstar meatballs I got at Grocery Outlet a few months ago. I had a similar situation going on with pasta: a bit of garden rotini left and a bit of whole wheat penne and they both had the same cooking time. That was only about 4 oz. of pasta so I broke into an unopen box of Mueller shells to get me to 8 oz. I used 4 cups of water and sprinkled some mushroom seasoning in the skillet for the broth component. I didn’t have diced tomatoes but I had cans of whole ones so that’s what I did. For the cheese, I had a little bit of Violife cheddar just waiting to mold so I killed it and then opened a bag of Aldi Earthgrown vegan mozzarella. I also threw in some asparagus to steam at the end to add a bit more veggies. This was super tasty! The spice mix, while probably nothing fancy, was just perfect and I think worth the .50 or $1 I paid for it. I got a recipe and I didn’t have to measure out several different spices. It looks to go for $2.66 at Walmart. Now that is too much IMO. But if I find these again at a bargain store, I’ll definitely repurchase.

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