Vegan Tofu Tacos … cheap lunch in San Francisco

Believe it or not, tofu goes with tacos just fine. Luckily El Toro Taqueria on Valencia street, in San Francisco is still a great place to get a cheap lunch … and they have vegan tofu tacos.

Vegan tofu tacos from El Toro on Valencia St in San Francisco

A nutritious, delicious vegan lunch for five dollars in San Francisco in 2023. That’s a beautiful thing!

Note that you don’t have to have tofu on the tacos for them to be great nutrition. You could get grilled veggies, black beans, refried beans, rice, salsa, avocado, lots of possibilities. Tofu is a complete protein, but so is the combination of beans and rice.

El Toro Taqueria is great because they still have veggie tacos for $2.50 each, in 2023. . That means you can get a pretty decent meal for five dollars, especially when you include the salsa, the pickled relish, the tortilla chips that come with it, etc.

If you’re somebody who needs more food than that, you could get 4 tacos for $10. At most restaurants here in San Francisco, $10 won’t even get you a drink or a dessert. Here you could have four tacos for $10. So that’s a pretty good deal!

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