Hope for made-at-home food vendors in Arizona USA

How sad that made-at-home food vendors in Arizona USA (and many other places) currently don’t have a path for operating legally. This bipartisan bill to correct that problem was vetoed by the governor, and the lawmakers unfortunately seemed to be too partisan to override the veto. Here’s where we get to the hope part. At least this issue is getting attention now. Hopefully another bill will come through and get ratified soon.


I hope the people in Arizona will put partisanship aside and keep the momentum going on this. If not, then it seems the law makers agree that people struggling to make ends meet need to keep fearing heavy fines and jail time, for making cultural food for cheap prices that other people can afford?

New York Times story … might be behind a paywall. You can Google “Arizona tamale bill Katie Hobbs veto” to find other articles about it.

Spoiler alert, much of the cheap cultural food made by home vendors isn’t vegan (example: pork tamales. elote con crema, dulce de leche, papaya salad with shrimp, etc). In my mind, vegans / vegetarians / veganishes who talk down to people for eating animal products are just as doofussy as the people who don’t understand the importance of making it legal for people to make a living as home cooks.

In the vegan sphere. Black, brown, indigenous and Asian people are killing it, running circles around white people in terms of innovation and making great vegan food that other people are clamoring to eat. That’s wonderful. But remember, “the vegan sphere” is only a small part of the world. Most Black, brown, Asian, indigenous, mixed race and white people are committed to eating animal products if possible, at least two, if not three, meals per day, plus snacks and desserts.

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