Kansas City Mug from Starbucks … wait, Basketball? No Football or Baseball?

Kansas City Mug from Starbucks … is that reddish orange ball supposed to be a combination between a baseball and football? It looks weirdly like a basketball, but Kansas City hasn’t had a basketball team since the Kansas City Kings were there, back in the day.

And, I guarantee it, this mug is not that old! I am old enough to remember when Kansas City had a basketball team, but this mug isn’t.

So … props to the Starbucks designer, if they were getting super creative by combining the Kansas City Chiefs football with the Kansas City Royals baseball into one mythical shape, but otherwise … what the actual hell. 💩🔥😆🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

Anyhow … after that brief comedic interlude, what’s inside this Kansas City mug? It’s coffee my hubby made with Oatly oat milk and coffee beans … in a coffee maker that has a steamer attached! I know a person can spend hundreds on a coffee maker, but our $30 coffee make works great. The key, perhaps, is to use good, freshly roasted beans? That’s what hubby did here, and it is so delicious! 💕

Now I need to do a shout out to one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco. It’s called COFFEE SHOP. Yes, that’s the whole name. Coffee Shop is not a corporate chain. It is run by a husband and wife team with their faithful staff members. They roast their own coffee beans. If you want a great cup of coffee in San Francisco (they do have plant milks available), stop by the Coffee Shop! 🙌

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