Back on the Exercise Wagon, Working, with Vegan Food!

I’ve had a tough bridge inspection schedule for the past few weeks, and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up in the upcoming weeks. I’m glad to be back on the exercise wagon while working … getting stronger every day, and doing it all with my usual vegan food!

Above is the leftovers plate that I made for a long day in the office on Thursday, a couple weeks ago. I actually didn’t get a chance to eat it until I went into the office on Saturday to prepare the paperwork and get ready for the bridge inspections schedule to start early Monday morning. It was my post workout meal that I microwaved after my bike ride, climbing gym workout, and run around the lake, Saturday afternoon and evening.

Above is a quick snap from just after I finished my nighttime run at Lake Merritt, under the stars. I didn’t see a moon that might, but a couple of days later, on Monday night, I saw a very thin crescent moon. It was beautiful.

Above is a list of my times running around the lake so far from Strava. Even though I am an old lady at age 48, I am getting faster. When I was in my 20s, I could run the lake in 25 minutes. I doubt I can get back to that speed, but if I could get down to less than a 10 minute pace for this run, I would be very pleased! That being said, it’s so easy for me to fall off the wagon with exercise and not to do any running, period. Therefore, for me, striking up the motivation to get there out there at all is truly a blessing. No matter how fast or slow I may go.

Another thing I want to point out… I was doing pretty well with getting back on a stretching routine, back in October and November. However, I actually stopped completely, doing my stretches and other stuff, in mid November. Ugh! I hate it when that happens because once I stop, it’s hard for me to start again. I can go for years without stretching at all, when things go like that.

Therefore, I’m happy to say, I did break out of the “I don’t feel like doing my stretches today, maybe tomorrow” spell this past week. YES! I’ve actually done some stretches, a few days in a row. Similarly, it has been a few months since I did my ab routine, push-ups, and other things that I call calisthenics. But I did them again during this past week! Woo hoo! So things are looking up there.

Before I went to Oakland on Saturday to do my workouts and also take care of the things I needed to do for the bridge inspections, I put together this microwaved leftovers meal for breakfast. See above for a quick photo, prior to dousing it with hemp seeds. It was the usual stuff … the brown rice and quinoa mixture from Costco, pinto beans, tofu Ranchero, and broccoli. The photo below is the same thing after pouring the hemp seeds on. Yum!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the types of vegan food that I am able to fit into my busy schedule. Wherever you are in the world, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to be an author at Veganish Dot World or to share your experiences in the let’s go vegan-ish Facebook groups, public and private.

Take care!

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