Annie’s vegan hot dog and rainy day swing dancing

I love it when Annie’s at Golden Gate Park offers a vegan hot dog. My husband got a regular hotdog and I got the vegan one, after a beautiful day of Swing Dancing (Lindy Hop, collegiate Shag, and Balboa), which concluded right before the next rain storm. Then we had a rainy and wet walk back to the car which was about a mile away. Very thankful to be outdoors enjoying music, community and good food in between storms on a rainy day!

Note that this happened a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t get a chance to post about it until now. I like to share the good vegan food and/or not-vegan food I’m eating and my typical daily activities. I’m demonstrating for people that one’s life can be just as full without needing to rely on animal products. At the same time, one can be just as effective of an animal advocate without requiring strict adherence to any particular diet.

If you have experiences and stories to share or topics that you want to research, related to this, please contact us at We invite you to become an author here, to share information from wherever you may be in the world. Another easy way to share is in the let’s go vegan-ish Facebook groups, public or private.


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