Bridge inspections, rock climbing, running, stretching, calisthenics, bike rides, with vegan food!

I’ve had a stressful past few days getting ready for my bridge inspections this week. Thankfully, I am back on the exercise wagon, at least for now. Therefore, in addition to doing my work, I’ve also been rock climbing indoors at the gym, running around the lake, climbing stairs, stretching, calisthenics, dancing, and commuting with bike rides. Fueled by 99% vegan food! Viva la Veganish!

Above photo shows the two (2) Leftovers Breakfast plates that I made for myself and my Veganish coworker this morning. Included here:

  • The last of the red and white Christmas beans with tarragon, frozen since Christmas
  • Canned pinto beans that my husband doctors up with extra spices
  • Steamed lemon broccoli
  • Spicy tofu ranchero that my husband made
  • Seeds of Life quinoa / brown rice blend from Costco

I woke up at 5 AM to get the notes ready for the inspection this morning. We still don’t have the heater working at the house, so it’s about 55° at home. That makes it very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning! It’s like going camping and not wanting to get out of your warm sleeping bag.


At 6:30 AM, I blasted off on my bicycle, and rode half an hour through the city streets of San Francisco to meet my coworker at 7 AM. Then we drove across the bay area to the bridge site location. There, we climbed up and down ladders on the steel towers of a big bridge, and crawled through heaps of bird poop to inspect the base of the towers.

After that, we cleaned ourselves up, and I treated my veganish coworker to lunch. Yay! Where do we go? None other than the Butchers Sob in Berkeley, which is an all Vegan delicatessen. Hurray!

I’ll come back with a photo of the amazing, super messy buffalo chicken sandwiches that we both ordered, later. We also had the cherry cheesecake and the sea salt dark chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

By the way, I’ve done this particular steel towers bridge inspection many times. In the past, when I would climb the ladders, from the bottom to the top (more than 100 feet of ladder climbing), I would get tired and have to stop and rest along the way. However, this time I was able to climb the whole way all in one go and didn’t even feel tired. Wow! The recent months of rock climbing must have paid off.

It’s pretty amazing what a body can do. At age 48, I can do something like this, climbing a long stretch of vertical ladders, and do it much better than I did when I first started this job at age 37. Isn’t that something? It makes me wonder what I’ll be capable of at age 87, if I keep exercising and doing things like this. Assuming I live that long, of course. 👌 I never take anything for granted.

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