Red and white beans with tarragon for Christmas

At Christmas, I thought of the idea of trying to make a red, white and green dish by mixing together small red beans and small white beans, and seasoning them with fresh tarragon.

The beans didn’t turn out as red as I was imagining, they are more of a brown color, Maybe I will do this in the future but with some red and green bell peppers added jn to really bring out the red, white and green festive Christmas theme? I followed the recipe here,

Red and white beans with tarragon, onion powder, garlic powder, and hatch green chiles for Christmas.

The recipe says the Seasonings (Onion powder, garlic powder, dried tarragon, butter —I did use vegan butter) would make it super tasty. I don’t know, maybe it would be better with dried tarragon the way they recommended (I used fresh), but for me, when I made it per the recipe, it wasn’t tasty enough. I added some Herdez hatch green chiles from a can (hot, not mild) and some black pepper. That helped a lot.

I think I might this make this a tradition for future Christmas celebrations. But I really do want to try it with the sautéed red and green bell peppers added, to see if that makes it look more festive and Christmassy,

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