Leftovers Tacos with Broccoli, Rice and Tofu Ranchero

I made tacos for dinner with leftovers. I heated up the tortillas on the Comal or griddle and then simply added leftovers on top. Leftovers were heated up in the microwave.

I put a small amount of vegan cheese, Mexican shreds from Whole Foods every day 365 brand, on the tortillas while they were heating up on the griddle.

I know steamed broccoli isn’t exactly standard for tacos but we had some on hand and I figured, why not.

These tacos have Spanish right rice, tofu rancheros and the broccoli. I think I also remembered to sprinkle some hemp seeds on top.

Quick and easy if you’ve got tortillas and leftovers on hand. This was intentionally vegan, and quite possibly accidentally gluten-free.

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