Tofu Ranchero Tacos

I assembled Ranchero tacos with the fixings that my husband had put together. These turned out so delicious. I’m pretty sure these are super nutritious also. On top of Vegan, these might be accidentally gluten-free.

What do we have here?

First, I started with corn tortillas that I heated up on a griddle / comal and added plain brown rice, steamed in the rice cooker.

Then I added canned pinto beans (these probably have quite a bit of sodium ..: Could make them from the dried beans to avoid the sodium), leftover onions and mushrooms sauté, and tofu in homemade Ranchero sauce. The Ranchero sauce was from a recipe my husband found online.

Here’s a picture of some of the fixings, right out of the microwave. I heated up more than I needed for these five tacos (will assemble more tacos later)..

Finally, I sprinkled hemp seeds on top. Manitoba harvest brand, product of Canada. Very thankful to the Canadiens for being forward-thinking and making industrial hemp legal back in the 90s. Because of their efforts, I’ve been enjoying the nutrition and tastiness of hemp seeds here in California USA for the past 15 years.

I believe it’s now legal to grow hemp seeds like this in the USA, too, but it will take a while for the industries to develop.

As a reminder, although I normally eat vegan meals like this, I’m not vegan or vegetarian; I maintain my flexibility to eat whatever food that might be available, to make life easier, to avoid hurt feelings, to prevent going hungry, or many other reasons.

Wherever you may be in the world, we would love to hear what it’s like for you, looking for vegan or more animal-friendly options. Remember that you can post in the let’s go vegan-ish Facebook groups or become an author here at Veganish Dot World.

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