Another day of bridge inspections.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week my coworkers and I have been doing a very tough bridge inspection. It’s physically demanding, and mentally you have to be very tough as well, as you have to take every step with intention, as you could slip and injure yourself very badly at any time. Thankfully I’ve survived three days so far and I haven’t made any mistake like that. Nonetheless, I have become injured anyway because the big toe on my left foot has become very swollen and painful. I think it’s because of so many steps we have been taking on a steep incline, up and down.

I know that the advice for this kind of injury is rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), I am doing that when I am not at work. I had planned on going to the Climbing Gym, or running around the lake, or going dancing in the evenings, but I scrapped all of that because of the need for RICE.

Tomorrow is Friday, and hopefully we will finish this inspection on that day.

I’ve been riding my bike a half an hour to and from the inspection meeting site so that I don’t have to walk on my injured toe to get to the train station. At least with riding my bike, that gives me an hour total of aerobic exercise per day, on top of the hours of aerobic exercise I’m getting by climbing up and down inside the bridge. Take that, diabetes! (I’m trying to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week to try to prevent myself from becoming diabetic. Per my doctors instructions. Hope it works!)

I’m sharing with you a photo of my Chia pudding. That’s what I had for breakfast this morning before today’s bridge inspection. I also had an Orgain vegan protein shake from Costco … 20 g of protein in 140 calories.

The Chia pudding is oats, chia seeds, soy protein powder, peanut butter protein powder, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, hot cocoa mix, and milk … I like to use good karma flax milk plus pea protein, just because it has only 60 cal and 8 g of protein.

Usually at the bridge inspections I’m the only woman, but a woman recently joined our team for Inspections on a permanent assignment, and another woman recently joined on a temporary basis. I’m proud that there were three of us women there kicking butt on this very difficult and treacherous inspection.

The woman who has joined our team on a temporary basis is 24 years old and is veganish like me. She generally eats all vegan food but she occasionally eats dairy products or eggs or fish, when full on vegan options are not available. I love hearing about people like that who are going for vegan options from a young age. I had not even heard of the concept of being vegan until I was around 27.

Hooray for the younger generations. No matter which generation you represent, if you’d like to share your thoughts and experiences about trying to find more animal friendly options, we would love to hear from you. You could share or ask questions in the let’s go vegan-ish groups on Facebook or you could even become an author here at Veganish Dot World.

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