Rainy day beans and rice!

Today has just been one of those days. It’s a Saturday. I woke up this morning thinking I had so much to get done. I was so thankful for a day when I could work on it all. And then somehow I lost the motivation. I did get some computer work done for my rental properties and for a holiday party at work. But the things I had planned to get done around the house, and the exercise, and lots of other stuff, just didn’t happen!

This is so frustrating. I have written the text for this post about five times with dictation, and each time either my iPhone or my iPad erases itself. Let’s see if it erases itself this time. I have looked in the online communities and lots of other people are complaining about the very same thing, and nobody ever get an answer as to why this is happening.

I enjoyed a fantastic meal of beans and rice today. And that’s it.

Funny thing is, that paragraph which is right underneath the image, “This is so frustrating … “ for some reason, it let me type or dictate that and it did not erase itself.

Then the next paragraph, the one that starts with “I enjoyed … “ that was actually at the END of a long paragraph that I wrote, But it automatically deleted everything except the last few words. This was after I tried several more times because I was thinking that maybe the thing will stop erasing itself now, since it did allow me to keep the words I said with the “this is so frustrating” paragraph.

So I have tried 10 times, carefully dictating the full text of this post, and 10 times it has been deleted. Oh well, Time to give up!

The dictation program I’m using is an aid for people who have a disability. It’s pretty sad when you think about how frustrating it is to have a disability such as not blindness and for technology to not be working properly. To tell you the truth, my eyesight is not very great right now, and that is the main reason why I use dictation.

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