Swing dancing at the Top of the Mark in San Francisco! With surely-not-vegan bread pudding!

Yesterday I kicked off a celebration week with a rainy day hot soak outside and then a trip to the Top of the Mark for swing dancing and live music by Clint Baker in San Francisco California USA!

My friend walked a mile in the rain to meet me at my house, and then we walked another 3/4 mile tu the train station, then another 3/4 mile in the rain from the train station to the Top of the Mark. Thankfully the sky was clear, moon and stars were out for the reverse journey on the way home! #wholesomeasheck LOL

At the Top of the Mark, the music was great, and the holiday decorations were beautiful. Best views in the city! The food is expensive, though, $24 minimum for a gourmet version of French fries (not vegan either). Thankfully the desserts were only $15 … however, none were vegan.

I needed some food to go with my Angry Orchard hard cider so I ordered the bread pudding, which comes with dulce de leche sauce and caramel sauce. Surely not vegan but so delicious and good!

I’m so glad I’m not vegan so I don’t have to miss out on wonderful things like this! Meanwhile, I avoid animal products as my usual thing (normally eating big-picture-vegan food) so I’m already doing my part to help animals including dairy cows.

For me, being vegan-ish is a great way to live. The “ish” allows for these little things that make life for more enjoyable!

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