Vegan Cuisine from the Canadian African: Afia Amoako

I first learned about the Canadian African (Afia Amoako) and their spotlight on the cuisine of Ghana and Tanzania, and other locations in Africa, vegan style, from the Culture Tuesday articles in Best of Vegan, written by Samantha Onyemenam. Not only does Afia share stunning photos and easy-to-follow recipes, Afia publishes articles on other topics. Afia’s articles include discussions of nutrition, health, and their personal experiences.

Afia is a person of Ghanaian descent, who split their childhood living in Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, and Tanzania again, and who was, back in 2018, living in Canada. At that time, Afia was in Canada working on a Ph.D in epidemiology. Way to go, Afia!

If you’d like to learn more, please find The Canadian African on their blog ( and instagram (eatwithafia).

Enjoy vegan versions of dishes such as:

A documentary film is currently in the works, featuring Afia Amoako and Samantha Onyemenam. Veganish Dot World is an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of this documentary. To learn more about the upcoming film, please visit:

The Jollof Journey – A Documentary Short Film | Indiegogo

The Jollof Journey will be a 20-minute documentary following the cultural journey of jollof rice, “from an ancient Senegambian tribe to its current status as a West African staple.” If you’d like to join us in supporting this film, please check the options at the link above, starting at $6 USD ($5 GBP) and up.

On their Canadian African blog, Afia Amoako wrote and published a two-part blog post on the topic Jollof Rice History: How a Dish Took Over West Africa. This looks like a lovely introduction to the upcoming documentary.

Lots of excitement for this film coming out, as it features two inspirational Black vegans, Samantha Onyenemam and Afia Amoako. Looking forward to seeing it and reporting back with a review when it comes out.

On that note: Samantha and Afia, we’ll be nothing but honest in our review of your film, so you better make it GOOD! 😝😊😘 No pressure, ha ha. Just kidding! Seriously now, we have 100% faith in you!

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