Bargain Hunt Baja Tofu

I found some Baja Fish taco seasoning by McCormick at Bargain Hunt. It was probably about fifty cents but I can’t remember. I thought it would be good on tofu though and the actual spice mix is vegan. People get confused and think stuff like “poultry seasoning” and so forth have the animal they talk about in them, but most of the time, it doesn’t, it’s just meant to flavor that particular meat. Another product I like using now is Lawry’s Pollo Asado, but no pollo (chicken) in it! It’s just a delicious seasoning salt.

I had a bit of rice leftover from yesterday’s burritos that I had seasoned with the aforementioned Lawry’s Pollo Asado but not quite enough for all three of us to have an ample serving. So my plan was to air fry some cut up corn torillas in the oven for some crunch and carbs. Alas, I burnt those beyond edibility! 🙁 But my oven air-fried veggies, and countertop air-fried Baja tofu and leftover rice were all delicious. We made bowls out of them. I ended up eating a small bowl of generic Rice Crispies with Silk vanilla soymilk to make up for those tortilla strips I didn’t have.

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