Cracker-crusted tofu cutlets and vegan scalloped potatoes!

So I did make the cracker-crusted tofu cutlets today for dinner. I froze my tofu last night and let it thaw today. That way it drained very easily and was dry and dense. Then I made maybe 1/4 to a 1/3 cup of concentrated broth out of mushroom seasoning and nooch (to make a chicken-like broth). You want it to be concentrated because your tofu isn’t going to absorb a ton of liquid. I’d say use as much as you would normally for a full cup of broth, maybe a bit stronger. I suck at giving recipes because I am an eyeballer! Then I made a thick batter out of just flour, water and a bit of hot sauce to replace what you’d normally use as an egg dip. I crushed my crackers into fine-ish crumbs with a mini manual chopper and then mixed them with paprika, a bit of gochugaru (Korean chili flakes. Use cayenne or anything else if you want spice and don’t have this.), more nooch, garlic powder, garlic salt and onion powder. Season well, more than you probably think you’d need, with the exception of salt because the crackers are already salty so be sparing. I always think I have enough spice when it comes to fried breadings and it never is enough! Then I fried it in a cast iron skillet.

My scalloped potatoes were just pulled out of the freezer this morning. I went over how I did that here. I left it wrapped in foil, and baked it for about 35 minutes thawed at 375F, unwrapped it and put it under a low broil for about 3 minutes to crisp up the top a bit.

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