Finally we got a cap on insulin prices from a drug company!

Being from Tennessee, my senators are Marsha Blackburn and some guy with the last name Haggerty. Bill maybe? I don’t know. He votes no differently than Marsha but he tends to stay in the background more, doesn’t make embarrassing spectacles of himself, which is possibly more sinister. Anyway, both Haggerty and Blackburn voted against capping insulin at $35 a month. I emailed Marsha Marsha Marsha about it and I got some form letter claiming she was looking to an alternative to make insulin affordable. I don’t understand how there could be an alternative that didn’t involve lowering and capping. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong either. It’s very frustrating because in TN, we have plenty of diabetes and poverty and some of the burden could be relieved with capping! Anyway, it never went through because you have to have 60 votes. I thought that was that. And I was sad. People die every year because they are can’t afford their insulin. YOUNG PEOPLE too! Young people who are employed working their butts off are suffering because insulin is that unaffordable. But finally despite not passing the caps, Eli Lilly received enough pressure to cap insulin. I hope the other two drug companies that make insulin, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk, follow suit!

And no, it’s not exactly a vegan-ish topic, but I am just happy something good is coming for us human animals here in America. However, insulin did used to be from pig pancreata and now is genetically engineered and is actually the first GMO in the world (it was approved over 40 years ago). Now we don’t have to use animals for insulin and I believe this way is safer and cheaper. Woot!

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  1. Yes ! Should be a lot cheaper, and no longer requiring harm to pigs, thanks to GMOs, is that correct ? What a shame that the drug companies have been price gouging people, from what it sounds like.

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